Schacht Looms with TempoTreadle

Schacht Wolf Series Looms

The Schacht Wolf series of  looms (Baby, Might, Pup, Pup LT as well as the new Pup 8.10)  have different widths and numbers of treadles, but all are hinged similarly at the front of the loom.   The same style of Loom Bracket and Sensor Array makes for a very stable setup as the Sensor Array for the treadles is attached via a removable bracket to the loom.  The ribbon cable can be guided up the "X" cross pieces and up the side of the loom to the TempoTreadle System unit.

The Schacht Standard also has a special flat bracket that keeps the sensor array at a fixed distance from the cross piece at the front of the loom.

Shown to the left is a Loom Bracket (on off the loom) and another that has been put in place and holding the sensor array (shown in green for easier visibility) to the loom.  Two of these brackets are provided with the Schacht sensor array.  To install you simply lift up on the front of the loom and put it up under the wood frame and over the TempoTreadle sensor array.

A video with tips on installation and tuning can be found here:

This is a picture of a magnet in a case that goes on the bottom of a treadle.   Schacht sensor arrays come with these magnets in their holders with velcro ready to attach to the bottom of the treadle.

If your Schacht loom does not have a high castle, we now make side brackets that clamp to the loom's left upright. These brackets allow you to adjust the angle of the screen.  If your loom does have a high castle, we supply a caddy to hold the display that fits directly over the castle without needing any adhesive.

The new Schacht Wolf Pup 8.10 is now fitted with TempoTreadle!  It's a great setup, and is very easy to take the loom along with TempoTreadle (powered by a battery if you like) to your next workshop. Just unhook  TempoTreadle and reattach once you unfold the loom. You can either use the optional high castle tray  as pictured, to the right, or the new side mount brackets to attach to the side of the loom.

Sensor Array


TempoTreadle System Unit:  260 USD

6-treadle Sensor Array for Baby, Mighty, Pup LT :  280 USD

10-treadle Sensor Array for Baby or Mighty Wolf:  320 USD

10-treadle Sensor Array for Wolf Pup 8.10:  320 USD

4-treadle Sensor Array for Wolf Pup:  220 USD

10-treadle Sensor Array for Standard: 330 USD

12-treadle Sensor Array for Standard: 370 USD