TempoTreadle on the Ashford Table Loom

The Ashford Table Looms work very well with TempoTreadle. Note that we have not yet configured TempoTreadle for the Ashford Katie Looms.

The 24 and 32" weaving width versions have plenty of room to place the System Unit for easy viewing.  We now have a caddy that fits nicely over the castle as shown in the picture below.  This means you don't need anything to attach TempoTreadle.   The 16" version doesn't have space to mount the System Unit, but you can always place it on a small stand beside the loom so you can see the display.

Shown above is a 24 inch 4-shaft Ashford. The sensor array, shown in green, attaches with velcro to the bottom of the castle piece. The ribbon cable runs to the left and up to the TempoTreadle System Unit. 

The magnets are held in 3-d printed cases (the white circles) and are attached with Velcro to the lever as shown above.   

TempoTreadle ships with everything you need.  All you need to supply is a weaving design (.WIF file).

Installation is super easy!



TempoTreadle System Unit: 240 USD  (can be shared between your looms)

Ashford Sensor Array for a 4-shaft table loom (16 or 32" weaving width):   90 USD

Ashford Sensor Array for an 8-shaft table loom (16, 24 or 32" weaving width):  125 USD