TempoTreadle Setup for Leclerc Floor Looms

TempoTreadle has been installed on several Leclerc looms, new and old, including  Artisat, Fanny, and Nilus.   As with many other loom makers, most of the Leclerc looms have a similar setup for how the treadles attach.

The pictures below show a Leclerc loom with the sensor array under the treadles at the front, as well as looking at the bottom of the treadles from the back.   Flat magnet brackets attach to the bottom of the treadles with velcro or double sided tape.  The sensor array simply rests on the floor up against the wood at the front of the loom.   The sensor array can be secured to the loom with velcro to avoid an alignment issue if the loom moves while weaving.


This is a closeup of the flat magnet bracket: 



TempoTreadle System Unit: 240 USD (can be shared between looms)

Sensor Array and Magnet Holders (one sensor array required per loom, price based on number of treadles):

  • 4 Treadles: 224 USD
  • 6 Treadles: 336 USD
  • 8 Treadles: 448 USD
  • 10 Treadles: 512 USD
  • 12 Treadles: 576 USD
  • 14 Treadles: 640 USD
  • 16 Treadles: 704 USD