TempoTreadle and Macomber Looms

Macomber Looms

The TempoTreadle sensor array for the Large Macomber is placed at the back of the loom.  The picture at the left shows the sensor array (in black) mounted under the back of the treadles.   The treadles have white caps that slip over the ends of the treadles, holding the magnet in place.  When the treadle is pressed, the back rotates and comes within range of the sensor.





This is a closeup of the treadle cap and magnet: 











The System Unit, holding the display, fits neatly over the castle in a special caddy (shown below) without the need for any adhesive.


The Baby Macs have treadles that are hinged at the front.  The challenge with this loom is the treadles are almost flat on the floor, so there was no place to attach the magnets and sensor arrays to detect movement.  This was solved, with the help of a weaver patiently working with us (see her blog: https://barbedesigns.com) by lifting the loom.   Below are pictures of her Macomber workshop loom (Baby Mac):


TempoTreadle System Unit:  240 USD  (may be shared with other looms)

The Baby and the Large Mac are priced per treadle for the sensor array, magnet cases, and everything required except the system unit:  30 USD per treadle