TempoTreadle and Macomber Looms

Macomber Looms

The TempoTreadle sensor array for the Large Macomber is placed at the back of the loom under the treadles.  By placing the sensor array at the back under the treadles,  it is totally out of the way when doing tie-ups.  The photo on the right is taken from the side of the loom at the back.   Note that the sensor array is lifted.  We supply a number of 3-d printed blocks with a slot that fit up against the back cross piece of the loom and lift the array to the correct height.  You simply slide the array into the blocks and secure the blocks with velcro to the horizontal cross piece.




We supply magnets in cases with velcro that attach to the bottom of the treadle.   When the treadle is pressed, the magnet comes close to it's corresponding sensor and sends the signal through the ribbon cable up to the system unit where the software shows visually what is happening and compares that to what the weaving pattern expects.











The System Unit, holding the display, fits neatly over the castle in a special caddy (shown below) without the need for any adhesive.




TempoTreadle System Unit:  260 USD  (may be shared with other looms)

The Large Macomber sensor array is priced per treadle and includes the sensor array, brackets and magnets (everything required) except for the System Unit.  A 10-treadle sensor array is $330; a 14-treadle sensor array is $440.