Louët David Loom

Louet David

The Louët David loom has a very neat installation.  The System Unit sites in a caddy that hooks over the front of the loom and easily lifts off for

The rectangular sensor array easily attaches by Velcro up under the foot rest. The magnet holders attach by velcro to the end of the treadles, and when treadles are depressed the end of the treadle rises up under the corresponding sensor in the sensor array box. If any alignment is needed, the magnets can be slid in the holders left or right. The picture to the right  shows the sensor array and magnets holders on the ends of the treadles in green. You can choose from several colors, but we show green here for easier visibility.

Looking down at the loom, as shown in the picture on the right, the sensor array is very inconspicuous when produced in black.

The ribbon cable coming from the left side of the sensor array is neatly run up the loom and back, then to the system unit so that it is barely noticeable.


TempoTreadle System Unit -  260 USD  (Can be shared with other looms)

David Sensor Array and Magnet Holders  320 USD  (same price for 70 and 90cm widths)

The sensor array is free with the purchase of a David Loom from LoftyFiber.