TempoTreadle and the Louet Jane

Louet Jane Table Loom and TempoTreadle

TempoTreadle is very easy to set up on the Louet Jane Loom.  The system unit rests in a caddy that hooks over the raddle for easy removal during warping.  The sensor array clips below the levers.

A little caddy holds the System Unit and slips over the raddle.  When warping, it's easy to lift the System Unit off the loom.   The sensor array clips right below the levers.   Magnets slide in between the levers.

The pricing is the same for both the 40 and 70 cm versions of the Jane.


TempoTreadle System Unit: 260 USD

Sensor Array and Magnets:  135 USD

Note, the sensor array is free with the purchase of a new Jane loom from LoftyFiber.