TempoTreadle and the Louet Delta

The large Louet Delta has treadles hinged in the back to give more leverage for the heavy wide warps that can be woven on this large loom.

TempoTreadle has magnet holders that attach to the ends of the treadles at the back of the loom.   When the treadles pivot, they come into the range of the sensors that are mounted at the back above the treadles.

A caddy holds the System Unit on the castle where it's easy to see and easy to remove:


System Unit:   260 USD (may be shared with other looms)
Sensor Arrays and Magnet Holders (priced by number of treadles, width of loom doesn't change price)
10 Treadle:  380 USD
12 Treadle:  430 USD
14 Treadle:  480 USD