How Can TempoTreadle Help You?

Avoid weaving mistakes

Avoid frustrating mistakes and time spent unweaving, knowing that TempoTreadle will audibly alert you if you make a treadling mistake, need to change the weft color, start a new section or if you’ve reached the end of your planned woven piece!

Avoid threading mistakes

Your WIF is loaded for weaving, but don’t forget you can step through your threading as well.  Set the number of warp ends you want to consider a group and you are ready to thread.  Whether you like to thread right to left, left to right, or from the center, it’s just a click and the threading is ready to step you through. Touch the screen and the Threading Assist advances to the next group.

Pick counters and length calculations

Either enter a Picks per Inch (PPI) and have the length calculated for you or use on of the pick counters along with a short measurement of a section to have the PPI automatically calculated for you.   To remind yourself to start a hem or do something different, set an interval with a special tone as a reminder.

Does not require a PC or Tablet hooked to the loom

The TempoTreadle device works without connection to a PC or Mac and does not require an internet connection.

You only need a WIF (weaving information file) for your design that you copy to micro-SD card on your TempoTreadle system unit and you are ready to use the thread assist, check your tie-up and have TempoTreadle follow along as you weave to help you avoid errors.   WIF files can be downloaded from various websites or created with any of the popular weaving design programs, including our new Weaving Design Software, TEMPOWEAVE!

TempoTreadle can run from a USB Battery, making it easy to take TempoTreadle on your small loom to a workshop.

The TempoTreadle firmware (software) comes preloaded on your System Unit.   When we provide updates to the firmware, you have the option to update your unit to the latest release using your PC or Mac.

TempoTreadle is hand built and custom fitted to your loom

The sensors and brackets are designed to fit your loom. Using CAD design software and 3D printing, the loom brackets, magnet holders, system and sensor array cases are 3D printed from ECO friendly PLA fibers.  For many of the popular looms, we already have TempoTreadle designed and ready.  If your loom model and size hasn’t yet been used with TempoTreadle, contact us and we will work with you to obtain the appropriate measurements.

Looms we have working with TempoTreadle

Click to see Looms and Pricing.

If you don’t see your loom listed, contact us. With pictures and measurements we can let you know if we can make a TempoTreadle for your loom.  

From a weaver with a 14-treadle Macomber Loom:

“… I cut off the patterned portion of the placemat warps last night….woo hoo!!  They are beautiful and I certainly could not have treadled that 1035 pick pattern accurately without my trusty TT!!” 

From a Weaver using an Oxaback Lilla Countermarch Loom after receiving some improvements for her TempoTreadle setup:

“It’s a New Game!

I just wanted to reiterate how well TempoTreadle is working with the new magnet holders.  It’s made it a totally different experience for me!  The sensor contact is so reliable that I have been able to turn off the “correct” tone, and now am only notified when I make a mistake.  My weaving is peaceful and uninterrupted, without any worry of losing my place in the pattern.  It really is a delight, and for the first time I can truly appreciate what the system offers.”

From a Weaver using a Schacht Baby Wolf Loom:

“I’m hooked! I’ll never weave without it!”

From a Weaver using a Schacht Mighty Wolf Loom:

“It’s saved my marriage!  I now can weave in the evening without telling my husband to quit talking to me! 🙂 “