TempoTreadle and Harrisville Designs Floor Looms

Harrisville Designs floor looms, in both the 22 and 36-inch weaving widths, work with TempoTreadle.  The System Unit, inside a special Caddy, can rest over the castle or loom tray.

The sensor array rests under the treadles at the front of the loom. A specially designed loom bracket holds the sensor array to the loom, avoiding issues if the loom "walks" while weaving.
Magnets in holder are attached with Velcro to the side of the treadle as shown to the left.


TempoTreadle System Unit:  260 USD

6-Treadle Sensor Array and Magnets: 290 USD

10-Treadle Sensor Array and Magnets: 340 USD