TempoTreadle on the Leclerc Voyageur Table Loom

TempoTreadle on the Leclerc Voyageur Table Loom


The Leclerc Voyageur Table loom has been specially fitted for TempoTreadle.   The System unit (with the display) can be mounted directly to the loom for easy viewing while weaving.

Both the sensor array and System Unit can be easily clipped and removed from the loom.   No modifications or adhesive is needed on the loom.

The sensor array fits neatly at the back of the loom, and actually detects the absence of the levers.  A setting in the TempoTreadle firmware handles this so that weaving works well and shows detected treadles properly.


A bracket with a magnet is supplied for each lever;  the magnets on the lever are seen by the Sensor Array.




The sensor array, shown at the right, is clipped onto the loom with the provided brackets.




The System Unit (display) has a special bracket that allows the display to pivot for the best viewing angle.  The bracket is easily removed when the loom is folded for transportation, or if it's in the way of warping.












TempoTreadle System Unit: 260 USD  (can be shared between your looms)

Voyageur Sensor Arrays come with all brackets and magnets required.

Pricing for the sensor arrays does not change based on weaving width.  We will want to know the weaving width so that the ribbon cable is the correct length. 

Voyageur Sensor Array for a 4-shaft table loom):   100 USD

Voyageur Sensor Array for an 8-shaft table loom:  135 USD

Voyageur Sensor Array for an 12-shaft table loom:  175 USD