TempoTreadle on the Louet Spring

The Spring Loom setup has nothing resting on the floor.  The Sensor Array is attached by velcro underneath the footrest.  Magnets, inside 3-d printed cases, are attached by velcro to the ends of the treadles such that when the treadle is pressed, the pivot of the magnet comes into range of the sensors.  

The System Unit (display) hooks over the edge of the castle and can be adjusted anywhere from the left to the center of the loom.  

The loom can be moved without disrupting the sensor array.  The System Unit is easily lifted off the castle for warping at full width. 


Magnets attach to the ends of the treadles, such that when they are pressed, the magnet pivots up where it can be "seen" by the Sensor Array.

This YouTube video shows TempoTreadle being used on a Louet Spring.


System Unit:   240 USD (may be shared with other looms)
Sensor Arrays and Magnet Holders (priced by number of treadles, width of loom doesn't change price)
10 Treadle:  300 USD
12 Treadle:  350 USD
14 Treadle:  400 USD