How it Works

How TempoTreadle Works

Sensors, placed near the treadles, detect signals when a magnet (discretely mounted under the treadle) comes into proximity; a signal is sent to a microprocessor running custom written software that provides the capabilities to the weaver to track their weaving progress.

When you first receive your TempoTreadle system, instructions will guide you on where to place the sensor array.

Shown here is the Louet David, which is hinged at the front with a nice foot rest under which we mount the sensor Array.

We’ve successfully installed TempoTreadle on many different looms. When presented with looms we haven’t yet tried, we ask for pictures and measurements. We can then design 3D-printed components that works well with your loom.

The system unit, which connects to the sensor array cable, can be shared between different looms. Downloadable software updates will be available from time-to-time with new features requested by you and other TempoTreadle customers.

The low power requirements enable the system to be powered by a common USB battery pack, and optionally plugged into a power outlet.

Weaving designs are transferred from your PC or Mac to TempoTreadle via a Micro-SD card.

The system unit has a color touch display; just touch the screen to select setup options or go to the weave screen to start weaving!