TempoTreadle on the Woolhouse Tools Julie

TempoTreadle and Woolhouse Tools Julie Table Loom

The Woolhouse Tools 16-shaft Julie is now fitted with TempoTreadle.  The System Unit Display slips over the castle for easy viewing.

The flat sensor array rests under the cables and rests against the metal bar such that it does not interfere with the action.   See the sensor array at the right of the picture below (in white).  Each lever has a tiny magnet in a white case that presses into the lever slot. 

This youtube video shows levers detecting in Tune Array: https://youtu.be/DxiaCeeS6d4













TempoTreadle Expanded System Unit:  275 USD  (may be shared with other looms, this version with 2 cables is required for over 14 sensors. )

TempoTreadle 16-lever Sensor Array and Magnets:  384 USD