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Stable Release History

Version 2.5180203 (released as of Feb 03, 2018) DO NOT INSTALL THIS UPDATE IF YOUR TT WAS DELIVERED AFTER FEB 2018

  • Added support for certain WIF files created from weave design software that use 1 and 0 for True and False format
  • Fixed WIF loading issue where some WIF files have TEXT or NOTES section entries with greater than 80 characters on a line.  

Version 2.2171020 (released as of October 20, 2017)

  • Added support Advanced loom type with alternate Weave Screen (mainly useful for table looms with more than 8 Treadles/levers)
  • Display number of table loom rows based on number shafts
  • Improved onscreen Color match 
  • Improved Woven Length calculations and settings
  • Added functions to set Interval Limit manually or calculated from length
  • Fixed some minor bugs from previous release

Version 2.2170715 (released as of August 2, 2017)

  • Added support for metric units of measure
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases a specific WIF pattern would lockup at the very end of the pick sequence.

Version 2.1170421(released as of April 21, 2017)

  • Fixed a bug where the OK Tone sound selection was not being saved after changes.

Version 2.1170414(released as of April 14, 2017)

  • When loading a new WIF in some circumstances, an invalid cache file is created, causing the sequences to display as zeros and banks.
  • Disabled treadles with mapping could cause a color alert to work improperly
  • Loom Profiles added to allow configuration by loom 
  • New system setting to auto-load last project.  Can be enabled or disabled in the settings menu.
  • Moved Loom Action (multi, single, table) from System Settings to Project Menu

Version 2.1170313(released as of March 13, 2017)

  • Fixed nasty LiftPlan bug. Fixed bug on set sequence that was keeping the weaving screen from updating properly. (no arrows, colors not set correctly)
  • Add default_hallPosition to SystemSettings.
  • Add WriteProjectSettings after every closedshed to insure every pick saved. (currently only previous pick)
  • Fixed WIF load issue when new WIF.  There is still a problem where you MUST turn off the unit when removing and before loading a new WIF.

Version 1.9170208 (released as of February 8, 2017)

  • Treadle Mapping support - eliminates need to change WIF using shaft shuffler or similar function
  • Threading Assist now includes direction (left-right or right-left, or from center), center finder, enhanced color support
  • PPI Auto calculation for Length now has option to enter a sample measurement based on pick counter 
  • Set Sequence now available on the Counters screen
  • Support for looms with where sensors detect at rest (position down on Loom Action screen)
  • Screen saver after period of inactivity on any screen except Weave or Thread Assist
  • Screen does not automatically go to Weave after loading
  • Colors used in Project Setup now included warp and weft colors
  • When a new project is started using a LiftPlan WIF, Loom Action will automatically change to Table Loom 
  • When a new project is loaded using a non-Lift Plan, Loom Action will change to Multi if set in Table Loom
  • Create empty Settings.INI file on SD card if one does not exist
  • Table mode and unweave - corrected overwrite on screen

  • If comments (notes) in a WIF exceed 80 characters, an error message shows upon load

  • Disabled Free Weave option in Table loom mode

Version 1.9161014

  • Fixed Project timer
  • Prevent loading certain functions before WIF loaded
  • Allow multiple OK Tones
  • enable IntervalBeep when in FreeWeave mode

- Version 1.8160925

  • Thread Assist
  • Thread groups
  • Draw Tie-up fixes
  • Error Tone Select

- Version 1.8160911

  • Support LiftPlan
  • Logo screen
  • Reset vars on getwif / logo
  • Fix LoadWif variable scoping on fIndex
  • Change status message color to BLUE
  • Serial number now read from chip
  • WIF load bugs fixed
  • Early action updates
  • MultiPedalTieUp fixes
  • Early action updates